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How to prepare the materials
for the publication

Thank you for your interest in AWAKE Revue and your desire to publish your work!

First of all we put your attention we are not posting photos which have already been published in social media, magazines, on any websites or other platforms. We have a priority for the first publication and exclusivity of the photo shoots.

Please, make sure none of the team members have already posted the photo shoot or sent it to another media or magazine. We also invite you to read our Policy for the authors and models.

Archive with the materials & signatures of the team

Photos must be in a high resolution.

Send the team and clothing signatures in the formats pages, doc, docx, txt or rtf.

Come up with a name for the photo shoot. You can add a branded hashtag if you have one. You can also come up with a story or description for your shooting, but the editor makes own decision about publishing the additional texts.

Send a list of clothing, shoes and accessories in the document together with the photos, like in the example below:

Please, don’t specify the numbers of the photos and clothing list, because a content manager renames all photos immediately after unpacking the archive, do it like in the example above.

You can create a list of brands and stores like:

clothes provided by Dior & Love Store

The team list should look like:

Sunny Day
producer Kate Morgan @morgan_kate
photography Eric Paulsen @ericphoto
style Clark Stiven @superstiven
makeup & hair Lois Lane @loismakeu
assistants Jane Air & Michael Pitt @airja_ne @michael_pitt
model Alex @ Star Model Management @alex_soldana @star_mgmnt
clothes provided by Valentino @maisonvalentino
location Studio 86, New York, USA @studio_86

We put your attention to lowercase and uppercase letters, please don’t write everything with uppercase letters.

Always specify the shooting location: city, country, hotel, studio, etc.

Please don’t write: photographer, stylist, muah, beauty, hair stylist, etc., write it like in the example above.

We will notify you about the release date in an email. Thank you for your attention, if you have any questions you can ask to us hello@awakerevue.com