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Review and preparation of the materials for the publication


  1. We consider for the publication only fashion photo shoots: an editorials, a lookbooks, a model tests, a beauty, a street style, etc.;
  2. For consideration send not least than five photos;
  3. Don’t attach a photos in hight resolution, reduce them to 1280 px in width;
  4. We will not be able publish a photo shoot which has already been posted on a social media, any sites, on-line or a printed media because for us is important exclusivity of the materials. 


Please, send the materials in accordance with the rules below only if a photo has already been accepted for the publication. Prepare the materials with attention and our content manager does not make a mistakes.

  1. Send an archive with a photos in high resolution not less than 1920 px in width;
  2. Attach a Microsoft Word document with credits of your team and wardrobe. All credits must be filled in only a lowercase letters with an uppercase capitals, don’t send a signatures consisting entirely of an uppercase letters it’s complicates a process of publication for our content manager;
  3. Don’t forget about a name of a photo shoot. 

General rules


If you want mention a clothing brands for each look, please, send a Microsoft Word document with a photos of an each look and captions: a clothing items with a lowercase letters and a brand names according to the international standard like in the example below 

jacket & t-shirt H&M dress Dior shoes Valentino

We pay your attention: if different items of a clothes in one look are represented by only one brand caption it like in the example below 

t-shirt, trousers & shoes Dior

If clothes in all looks provided by only one designer, brand or showroom you can note and include it in the overall signature of a team like in the example below 

clothes provided by Valentino

A names of a team members

Note it in a lowercase letters with a capital letters like in the example below 

 photography Bruce Wayne

A models and an agencies

Note a name of a model and an agency with the ‘@’ sign like in the example below 

model Kara @ Super Girls Management

If a model doesn’t have an agency you can note her surname.

We pay your attention: we don’t change or remove an agency in case of a changes in a model’s career! 

Example of the signatures for the website

Justice League
producer Diana Prince
Bruce Wayne
assistants Aquaman & Flash
style Clark Kent
makeup & hair Lois Lane
model Kara @ Super Girls Management
clothes provided by Valentino
location Batman Studio, Gotham

Note a names of a team members according to the example above. We pay your attention on a lowercase and an uppercase letters. Always note a location of a photo shoot: a hotel, a studio, and a city. A producer must be mentioned first, all members of a team should be exactly as in the example, please, don’t note it like “photographer, stylist, MUAH”, and etc.

Example of the signature for the Instagram

Justice League with @kara_super @supergirls_mgmnt
produced by @diana_prince
photography @batman_official
assistants @aquaman_not_useless & @flash
style @super_klark
makeup & hair @lois_lane_klark
clothes provided by @maisonvalentino
location @batman_studio Gotham

We don’t indicate a links on your websites and a social media, except the Instagram. If you have a branded hashtag you can include it in a signature. If a team member doesn’t have an account on the Instagram note his name in the same way as in a signature for the website.

AWAKE Revue has the priority of a first publication.

We will announce a release date on your e-mail. Thank you for your desire to cooperate with us! We will waiting your works hello@awakerevue.com