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Authors & Models Policy

Thank you for your interest in AWAKE Revue! We are glad you want to publish your work! Before submitting materials for publication, please, read our Policy.

The authors of the photo shoots & models are agree with next terms:

  1. Publication in AWAKE Revue is not commercial, it’s a free broadcast for our audience.
  2. All authors of the shooting and models (photographers, retouchers, directors, operators, producers, stylists, makeup artists, hairdressers, assistants, models, agencies, and other team members not mentioned in this Policy) have agreed to publish the photo shoot in AWAKE Revue.
  3. AWAKE Revue reserves the right of the first publication which means authors send for considering previously unpublished photo shoots in social media, websites, magazines and other print or digital media of any editorial orientation.
  4. The shooting must stay exclusive even after the publication in AWAKE Revue which means the authors will not send it for considering and publication in other magazines and other print or digital media of any editorial orientation.
  5. AWAKE Revue is not responsible for non-compliance of the interests of third parties because of publication of the shooting, the authors of the shooting are personally responsible for non-compliance of the interests of third parties before and after publication, all claims and complaints must be sent to the authors to resolve any disputes.
  6. AWAKE Revue is not responsible for publishing shootings involving underage models depicted in a provocative way, because the editors do not request the age of the models.
  7. AWAKE Revue will immediately delete a photo with a underage model in cases where the interests of the model were violated after the model or her legal representatives contact the editorial office, however, all claims and questions about the publication should be sent to the authors of the shooting.
  8. AWAKE Revue has the right not to change or remove agencies of the models. The signatures of the team includes exactly the agency from which the authors booked the model for the shooting.
  9. AWAKE Revue is not responsible for the signatures of the team provided for the shooting which may contain an incomplete list of authors, distorted or incorrectly indicated names, brands, locations, agencies. We try to check all information, but this is not always possible.
  10.  AWAKE Revue can make corrections to the signatures of the team after the authors make a request to the editor by email hello@awakerevue.com with a description of the error and edits. We put your attention that edits in covers are more difficult and often impossible to make, so make sure that the signatures are correct.
  11.  AWAKE Revue reserves the right to remove a photo shoot without notice to the authors if the photo shoot was published in other magazines and media, if the photos demonstrate an underage model in a provocative way.
  12.  AWAKE Revue has the right to use photo shoots to attract an audience using aggregators contextual advertising Google and Yandex placing the photos from the shootings, the names of the authors and links to the publication. This is contribute to the expansion of the audience. 

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions you can ask to the editor-in-chief julia@awakerevue.com. Please, for consideration send your photos on hello@awakerevue.com